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Sammy Gyamfi wins against Vokacom Limited, developers of GhanaPostGPS app


Folks, sometime in the year 2018, Vokacom Limited, developers of the GhanaPostGPS app for the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government, instituted a defamation action against me seeking damages to the tune of GHS3 million.

The basis of their suit were some comments they alleged I had made about the “National Digital Address System” at a press conference organized by CDG-GH in 2018.

With the help of God and my lawyer, Edudzi Tamakloe Esq., I stood by every word I uttered at the said presser and mounted a robust defense during the hearing of the case.

After 3 years of litigation, the High Court pronounced judgment on the matter today.

The Court after considering the facts of the case and the evidence adduced during the trial, dismissed the action of the Plaintiff (Vokacom Limited). Cost of GHS8,000 was awarded by the Court against the Plaintiff, Vokacom Company Limited.

My special and profound appreciation goes to my lawyer and brother Edudzi Tamakloe Esq. for his pro-bono legal services and for standing by me every step of the way.

I am most grateful to the Honorable Court for upholding the truth.

This matter will be revisited sometime in the soon to come future. Until then, aluta continua, victoria ascerta!



  1. We thank God Sammy has won,…,but my advice to him is that, the big words or unfamiliar words he normally tries to construct when he comes to speak to the public will never send him any where….He likes people to say “oo this guy has grammar” . Why can’t you speak plain language for everyone to understand….I don’t like that kind of his manner….you speak as if you brought English to live….even what you learn at law school are mere human beings ideas….some one sat and wrote the books…… Sincerely speaking that kind of life is some times not good for the party.. how can you be speaking on a relevant issue and you are try to focus on the words you are saying for people to say you are a lawyer … And so what? I think this my advice will let him turn into a new leaf…Thank you


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