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We want new stadium not rehabilitation – football funs in Sunyani lament


Some residents of Sunyani, have kicked against the government’s announcement of the rehabilitation of the Coronation Park in the 2022 budget presentation.

They insist the Bono Regional capital deserves a brand new stadium instead of rehabilitation of the old facility.

It is the home venue of Division one clubs including, Brong Ahafo United FC, Bofoakwa Tano FC, Young Apostles FC, and Prisons Ladies FC, among many other lower-tier football teams.

The Ghana Football Association’s Club Licensing Board has rejected Coronation Park for use by the division one clubs this weekend because it is not up to the minimum requirement.

Successive governments have failed to honor their promise of a new stadium to befit the region which has produced many sporting talents.

During the presentation of the Budget on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta said, “In 2022, the government will continue with the construction of the Abiriw and the New Edubiase sports stadium, as well as commence the rehabilitation of the Sunyani coronation park stadium”.

But residents, who have been sharing their objections on radio programs and social media, say no way, they are tired of rehabilitations in Sunyani.

An influential resident, director of Suncity radio in Sunyani, and former CEO of Brong Ahafo United FC, Ransford Antwi said he is disappointed with the government’s plans towards the park.

“After choosing to fall in love with the Elephant, what has the City of the Elephants (Sunyani) got to show for our loyalty to the party?

“The NDC does not care much about the development of Sunyani when they’re in power because they claim we don’t vote for them. The party we’ve been loyal to, the NPP gets to power and decides to sideline us in terms of development, because they think we’ll always vote for them regardless. Where did we go wrong?” he wrote on social media.

He said they only get old facilities refurbished in Sunyani while other cities get new facilities.

“Sunyani Technical Institute was refurbished to Sunyani Technical University, just like Nkrumah Park to Jubilee Park, Sunyani School of Forestry to the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani Airport, and now Sunyani Coronation Park also to be refurbished”, he stated.

“I’m not a Prophet of Doom but can’t there be political repercussions? Should we continue to be treated as second-class citizens? he quizzed.

Another resident, Stephen, also wrote on social media, “Do you know the government is about to renovate the Sunyani Coronation Park instead of building a new stadium for us? Do you know that? If there is a need to build a new one as you promised the good people of Sunyani, why don’t you build but decide to renovate? The airport itself, we are not seeing top”. #sunyanideservesbetter”.

“Even if it means demonstrating against the government, we would consider that, because they have not treated us fairly”, another resident said, adding, “all the political heads should bow their heads down in shame for disappointing the people of Sunyani”

Source: Precious Semevor


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